Most frequent questions and answers

Information consultant provides back office offerings along with all finance, accounting and tax related task. Besides, we also offer services related to MIS, Company Registration and Internal/External Audit. Moreover, we provide consultancy for each service that we provide. 

Reductions in labor rates, regulations, etc.

Time management – more time to focus on specific tasks.

Access to expertise in many areas of accounting services.

Overcome staffing shortages.

We understand that accounting is a time-limited process and that it is important to complete accounts within a certain time. Moreover, we make sure that your tax filing deadlines and other accounting demands are met.

We serve clients from all over Pakistan but specifically in Karachi.

The outsourcing of a company’s tax function is due first and foremost to the fact that tax management is very difficult, especially if you are working in many states or countries.

Furthermore, it frees up time that allows employees to focus on issues related to the business’s main areas. Besides, those who handle tax management are also responsible for other areas of a business as well, for this reason, taxes don’t get all their attention.

management information system is used for decision-making, and for the coordination, control and analysis of information in a firm.

Auditing is the checking of financial reports of a firm. In fact, it is used to tell that the firm’s accounting reports are correct.

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