Understanding tax returns for Business / startup owners

5th Oct at The focus institute of IT and Management Sciences

Our company, as well as, 360 Digital Eyes and Socialeyes did a seminar on the topic of taxation. Our speaker Faisal Mobin was invited to explain and answer the questions of business and startup owners. We can say that we have a happy Clientele list.


workshop at focus institute
Accelerate your business

Step up your business in the 21st century

On the other hand, IC, as well as, 360 Digitaleyes did a workshop at ICCBS about the importance of taxation in decision making. Above all, we created awareness about the importance and difficulties of taxes.

Job fair 2019 at Bahria University

2nd May 2019 at Bahria University

Besides that, we also gave training about Taxation and Accounting consultancy at BUKC Job Fair on Thursday, 2nd May 2019. And, we also interviewed them to be a part of the IC family.

Job fair spring 2019 at Bahria University

Employability Skill & Entrepreneurship Workshop

16th April at Bahria University Karachi.

We hosted the workshop on 16th April, 2019 and gave training to students who are about to go in the professional world. The workshop was on different skills and practices of mock interviews. Also, we gave the students a view of the selection criteria that they will soon be facing.

Audience views on our workshop