About Us

Information Consultant is one of the rising firms of Pakistan that provides a range of services related to tax consultancy.
In the first place, our firm’s philosophy is to add value to our client’s business by giving them solutions through our services. Furthermore, we also aim to provide tactics to achieve the solutions provided.

Our team

faisal mobin

Faisal Mobin
Chief Executive Officer

Faisal Mobin is the Founder and CEO of Information Consultant. Besides, being a hardworking individual, his main objective is to invest in Human Capital and work for its betterment and advancement.
He started this project back in 2002 with this core objective.
Now, Information Consultant has grown successfully and achieved several milestones to date. 

Moreover, he completed his Associate of Cost and Management Accountants degree from the Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Pakistan. Furthermore, he has conducted many seminars on topics related to Taxation, Finance, and Accounting.

He said,

Just incentives can’t turn around the tables for the exporters. We need a concrete plan how to boost the export .Being a Professional Management Accountant we must come forward and establish a think tank at our level not only to identify the problem but providing a solution.

Babar Hussain
Marketing Head

Babar Hussain is the idea and vision behind 360 Digital Eyes,
 a digital marketing firm. First, he started by achieving his bachelor’s degree from Federal Urdu University. Then, he did many certifications like from IBA, LiveDeen etc. Beside that, he has worked as an IT supervisor at the Election Commission of Pakistan. 

His team consists of marketing experts that hold expertise to increase brand’s awareness and to help the brands in targeting their potential audience in a more effective manner.

Babar hussain

Expert skilled team

We are a group of passionate individuals who take care of client’s interest and go every end to provide
sustainable services.

Progress Report To Clients

Working with us brings complete transparency.Moreover, Information Consultant provides its clients progress reports of the projects assigned, for customer satisfaction and error free results.

Team communication

We believe in no hierarchy system. Information consultant is a group of people, working as team to achieve a common ground, neglecting all differences.

On-site support and installation:

We also provide on-site tech support in a one-to-one environment to cater to your personal needs.

On-time delivery

We work with all our efforts and skills to deliver to you on time delivery of your services to make your business rise rapid and continual.


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Our story

Information consultant provides a large range of services under one umbrella. In fact, we understand that your business might suffer in different areas and may need an in-depth knowledge of the industry. Therefore, our group will recommend you the best possible approach, moreover, we have the ability and experience in almost every functional area, be it related to Marketing, Finance, and taxation services.

Our Happy clients